Blooming marvelous Front Gardens

When it comes to front gardens, those with a keen eye are wanting to keep it looking fresh and blooming the whole year round, but they also have to be practical, home to a car, wheelie bins and other things. Of course, living in the UK means that we don’t really have the perfect  growing climate for a year round colourful display; sunlight is limited at certain times of the year, and harsh weather conditions certainly don’t help matters. But what about the things that we can do - and why aren’t we doing more of them?

Focus On The Lawn
The main thing that a visitor to your home will notice whenever they approach your garden is the lawn. It’s the grass that you need to pay attention to. If it’s looking a bit bare, spreading fresh seed can help with growth. If you have regular bird visitors, make sure that you put a net or some sort of barrier over what you are sowing - that way the seeds won’t be eaten before they’ve had a chance to settle in and grow. It’s good if you know what type of grass that you are already growing in your garden, else you risk the chance of having mismatched colours and textures happening. If you don’t know what grass you’ve already got growing and you think it’s beyond redemption, looking up local turf providers may be the path that you need to take. Redoing your lawn entirely may be a day’s work, but the results at the end will be phenomenal once the turf has had chance to rest.

Weed To Your Heart’s Content
See a weed, pick it up and all day long you’ll have a great looking garden. The more weeds that you uproot as you go along your day-to-day business, the neater that your garden will look. This goes for your drive and borders too. Aiming to get a certain number each day will mean that you’ll certainly start to see a difference.

Update your driveway

Taking a look at your drive, has it got oil patches - if so these can be removed. Check for weeds here too, not just in the garden borders. If the drive is shady or north facing, has it attracted moss or leaves in a corner?

Of course if its looking really tired and past its best then perhaps the best way to really lift your front garden is with a new drive. There are so many different materials to choose from, natural stone, resin bonded, or a block paving driveway.  Look at what your neighbours have, what looks good for them. Do you want to blend in or stand out.

Make It Seasonal
Making sure that you have seasonal plants and flowers in for the correct time of year can do so much for your garden. Thankfully, many of the most colourful  plants tend to come into bloom in the summer, so you don’t have to worry about this time of year. However, planting sturdy perennials for the winter and spring bulbs can definitely see your garden still looking great towards the colder months.

A Lick Of Paint Makes All The Difference
It’s not just all about the flowers, plants and shrubs. The first thing mist people see is your front door  just how much effort you put into its upkeep. Going over any wooden doors or window frames regularly will keep them looking great - and will help to keep your garden from looking shabby. If you have wooden gates and fences rather than brick enclosing your garden, don’t forget to give these a once-over too; not only will it help the appearance, but it will also help to protect them against rot which can see them easily blowing down when winds pick up.


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