Composite decking: make your home bigger

Everybody enjoys gazing through the window on a bright summer day, wishing you could spend more time outside. The prospect of sitting on an old deckchair with your feet dangling in the overgrown grass is not always the most attractive prospect.

Expanding your living space outside is becoming the new trend for home improvements and there is a multitude of accessories to increase the comfort of being outside from waterproof furniture to heaters for year-round enjoyment. Extensions have traditionally been the way to get more space but a stylish patio area with some comfy chairs, scatter of tables and a BBQ is a great alternative to getting the builders in. You can also avoid the hassle of having to get planning permission which you would need for an extension. There is also the obvious cost differential to consider. An extension is exponentially more expensive than installing a decked area in the garden and comes with a significant amount of disruption to your home which can last for many months.

Transform your garden.
Composite Decking boards offer a wide range of options for redesigning your garden. Regardless of how much space you have, your lifestyle or budget there is no shortage of choice to introduce some outside inspiration. With some trendy statement, vibrant coloured furniture you can add your own personality to your space. You don’t have to be restricted by the traditional wood coloured stains and varnishes that you will have to use with timber boards.

Composite boards enable a really clean, seamless finish to your decked area. Due to the way they are assembled, there will be no visible nails or screws to spoil the smooth lines. This also removed the potential for screws to work themselves loose causing a dangerous hazard for bare feet and pets.

Don’t be limited to decks.
A boardwalk is a really nice addition to any garden. Creating a pathway to a large decked area or a patio with composite boards gives a really nice seaside feel. Addition of some lighting and pebbles can let your imagination take you straight to the beach. A boardwalk doesn’t have to go to a decked area though, if you have a vegetable plot or flowerbeds, having a route around your garden which avoids walking on the grass (especially important when it’s wet) makes your life much easier. The anti-slip properties of the composite boards make this even more suitable for regular walking. Using composite boards on an area that will be getting a lot of footfall is a great idea. Timber decking will become dirty and stained as dirt from your shoes gradually becomes ingrained. This is a major problem if you have pets who just love to leave their muddy footprints around. Composite boards can be wiped clean with a damp mop and left to dry with no issues. You don’t even have to worry about it becoming slippery when it’s been mopped. When using timber boards, dirt is more likely to get absorbed into the wood which over time will leave unattractive dark patches along the commonly used areas. Without a thorough power washer, it can be difficult to remove these marks. The process of cleaning timber decks can exacerbate the problem by adding more water stains if the water doesn’t dry quickly. After sanding, staining and varnishing the timber will be clean but there will be an obvious difference in colour between the areas that have been used and those that haven’t.

What if your garden isn’t level?
Many gardens are uneven and getting them to the point of balancing a spirit level can be a very difficult task. A deck made from composite boards is built on a static structure and can, and should, be made level regardless of the ground that it is built upon. Attempting to put paving or concrete onto an uneven surface can be very difficult. A considerable amount of ground will need to be removed, or additional sand and soil added to the area to get the surface suitably level. For an added dimension to you composite board deck, split levels can also be added. This allows dedicated areas to be made for eating on one level and a separate level for lounging with a book.

You want your garden to be individual.
For making a statement in your garden it is possible to add coloured furniture, lights and accessories. When constructing with composite boards you can also introduce colour with the structure of the decking. Coloured pigments are added to the composite boards during manufacture which gives a vast array of available colours. This flexibility is a great feature of composite boards which gives the freedom to add the style and individuality that you need. The choice of colours also gives opportunity to mix and match for a contrasting look. Instead of making different levels, you may wish to have one section of the deck in a dark colour for relaxing on a lounge chair and the other section in a light colour for entertaining. Alternatively there can be a kids section full of bean bags and toys and a separate adult section, clearly separated by the colour of the boards.

Extend your home.
To make your deck a true extension of your living area, a choice of colour also gives the ability to match your composite decking boards to the flooring indoors. If you have patio doors, when these are opened there can be a continuous flow between the garden and the house boundaries resulting in a striking impression of space. It is simple to construct the composite board deck to be on the same level as the indoor floor for seamless movement between the two areas. Coordinating the outdoor furniture with that you have inside will give extra depth.

Composite board decks are not limited to your garden. A roof terrace can be a perfect space to add some colour and texture with a composite board deck. Choose a colour that will add depth, space and maybe couple with some planters to give a really tranquil outdoorsy feel, as well as adding a degree of privacy.

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