5 Incredible and Contemporary Aquascaping Designs for Your Fish Tank

Aquascaping has become an incredibly popular pastime among aquarists and there are many traditional ways of decorating tanks which are well-documented. However, there are more and more contemporary designs and styles being experimented with and shared across the aquascaping world. Here are five of them:

1.Iwagumi Aquascaping
One of the more popular aquascaping styles, this design is created using an odd number of stones, which are arranged according to the rule of thirds. It is important to only use odd numbers so that there is no balance in the layout. The aim is to have one large stone and two smaller ones. You can use more than three as long as you sustain an odd number.
The aim is to copy a natural landscape style and keep it very simple with clean lines. Keep the colours limited across both the plants and the stones used, and create minimalism by not varying the plant species too much.
It needs a sense of scale, so the large stone needs to be the largest item in the tank and you should use smaller fish to maintain the vision.
2.Walstad Aquascaping
The aim of this design is to create a totally natural environment. It involves no planning or design at all, but a totally random placement of all of the rocks and plants within the tank. The aim is to simulate nature instead of trying to create aligned patterns. This particular style is very low maintenance and will need the use of potting soil but make sure the soil has no added chemicals to avoid killing your stock.

3.Sculpture Reef Tanks
If you really want to create a visually appealing tank but aren’t too bothered about recreating elements from nature, then try out sculpture reef tanks. These stunning looking aquascapes are made using specifically created reef sculptures, not necessarily natural coral, designed to be visually appealing and building up a dramatic landscape. These designs don’t feature plants but with a landscape of white coral sculptures and bright coloured fish, your aquarium can’t fail to stand out.
4.Mountain Style Aquascaping
The aim with this design is to only use a small portion of the aquascape to create the mountain area and don’t have it bang in the centre, or in one corner of the tank as it will look strange. Aim for slightly off-centred so that the plants and fish get good water flow around the feature. The mountain should be created using one particular type of rock or one particular type of driftwood to make this design effective.
5.Saltwater Reefs
Now most of the traditional aquascaping styles are aimed at freshwater aquariums and there are not many ornamental plants which thrive in a saltwater aquarium. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t aquascape a saltwater aquarium at all. It just needs to be planned and prepared in a different way.
Saltwater aquascaping designs focus on trying to recreate the look of an underwater reef and rely on arrangements of rock, corals and algae, as well as the use of marine invertebrates to really bring the reef landscape to life. 
One of the important aspects of a reef aquascape is the lighting, because many corals, and marine life which might be integrated, such as tridacnid clams, contain microorganisms which actually fluoresce under certain lighting.
Therefore, by providing specialist lighting with ultraviolet wavelengths, saltwater reef aquascape aquariums will help to support the life of all the creatures in the tank but also feature some amazing natural light displays from the organisms themselves.

This aquascaping style will require a little more maintenance to keep the lighting correct and make sure the tank doesn’t get too hot from the lights, but it’s totally worth it.
There are many incredible and contemporary aquascaping designs for your fish tank available now – the world really is your oyster and you are only limited by your own imagination, and perhaps your budget!
Aquascaping enables aquarists and fish enthusiasts to get creative and artistic and almost become landscape gardeners within their fish tanks. It’s a great way to make your fish tank completely unique to you through choice of colour, plant, fishes and style.
You can make the tank reflect your minimalist home by using modern coral sculpture, or create a completely natural appearing coral reef scape for your saltwater aquarium. 
From stone patterns, to creating mountains out of driftwood, there really is no limit to how creative you can get in the world of aquascaping design. It’s so easy to get caught up in the design process and ideas that it’s almost possible to forget that aquariums are homes for fish to live in!
Make the most of your aquarium by adding creative elements, whether to hide the pump and pipes or a full on aquascaping design, it’s a great way to add fun to your fish tank.

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