Create a Garden Retreat You Can't Beat

Sometimes, you need somewhere to escape from the stress of your own home. It might seem strange, but your home can be pretty busy and full of things that make you worry. But perhaps you don't want to go out - you just need some space. If you have a garden, it's the perfect space to create a retreat for yourself. And it doesn't need to be somewhere you sit outside, which you can only use when the weather is good. If you use a small shed or cabin, you can have an indoor space that's connected to the outdoors.
Transform Your Existing Shed
Have you already got a garden shed or maybe a small cabin that's going to waste? If there's already a structure in your garden you can use, you might be able to transform it in hardly any time at all. The first thing you should think about doing is getting it tidy and cleaned up. If you've been using it as a storage shed, it could be dusty and perhaps a little damp. Clear away any cobwebs and make sure it's protected from the environment. A protective stain or varnish on the outside can help to keep the wood dry.
Design a New Retreat
If you don't have anything you can turn into your retreat, or you don't want to use what you do have, you can consider designing something from scratch. You can come up with some great ideas to put in a cosy cabin at the end of your garden. This option could be a little more expensive, so it's worth figuring out how you're going to pay for it. You could take out a home owner loan, use a credit card, or just dip into your savings. You can find someone to design a space for you, which might mean enlisting an architect or landscaper to help you.
Put In Light and Heat
If you want to use your retreat in all weathers, you're going to want to make sure you can stay warm and dry. And you'll want some lights too, or else you won't be able to use it much in the winter or any evenings. Since your retreat is outside, it's easy to use solar lights to light it up. Just place the solar panel outside and the lights inside. Heating the space could be a little trickier. You can find a way to use a portable heater, or perhaps some way to have a small fire.
Make Your Space Comfortable
You want to be comfortable in your space too. Once you know you'll be warm and you'll be able to see, you can think about making sure you have a comfy place to relax. Maybe you're going to use your retreat to read, write or do arts and crafts. Somewhere soft to sit will immediately make your retreat a better place to spend your time. Blankets and cushions can't hurt either.
A special garden retreat gives you somewhere to get some alone time when you need it. If you need to get out of the house, it's the perfect place to go.

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