How to Landscape a Horse Yard

If you own horses, your horse yard may be your only chance to use your green fingers. It’s a way of bringing life and colour to outside the home. The are many plants that can add texture and character to your yard. However, being a horse owner, you have to consider the safety of your horses too. So, if you’re ready to invest and add value to your home, along with beauty, here are some tips on how to landscape a horse friendly garden.
Add Plants
Plants can add colour and vibrancy to any yard. However, you have to be careful what you choose to plant. Popular flowers like Lilies and Daffodils can be toxic to horses. Here’s a list of safe plants and flowers you can use around horses. If you aren’t brave enough to use flowers, why not create your own vegetable patch? There are plenty of choices when it comes to safe vegetables for horses. If you still want to plant flowers with plenty of colour, consider using hanging baskets that your horses can’t reach.
Elderflower Bushes
Elderflower bushes can make your yard look elegant. They’re ideal for creating parameters or marking off certain areas for you and your horses use. They also have one other ideal advantage around horses. They repel flies! Unlike your horse, who will attract flies, especially during the Spring and Summer months. It won’t matter how clean you keep your horse or how often you clean your Vale Stables. You will still have to deal with flies wherever your horse goes.
Choose a Muck Heap Location
The last thing visitors will want to see is a big muck heap as soon as they arrive on your drive. The horses yard needs to be kept clean if you want to create a beautiful landscape. Choose an area where you can keep your horses muck out of sight and out of smell. Even if you choose to use it as fertilizer, you’ll never be rid of it completely, so it’s important to find a spot that doesn’t ruin the ambience of your new yard.
Make a Feature from a Trough
If your horse spends a lot time in your yard, it will need access to water. You can double up by creating something beautiful out of the trough. Use a beautifully updated vintage trough for your horse or create a water feature that can be sustenance for your horse and an ornament for your yard. Be sure to re-fill whatever you decide on with fresh water daily.
There will be times when you’ll need to separate your horse from the yard. Fencing or stone walls are a great way to do this. Fencing is an easy way to link in with your stables and create a connection within the yard. However, you can be somewhat creative with a stone wall, carefully choosing each stone that’s placed. It’s durable and looks expensive without it having to be.
Many people think of gardens with grass and flowers, but a horse yard can be just as beautiful.


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