Enjoy Your Garden During Super Hot Heat Waves

A sudden increase in temperature and sun exposure can cause a lot of damage to your garden, and, as a result, your enjoyment of spending time out there. However, with a little preparation, it’s still possible to enjoy your backyard space in the hottest of heat waves, and ensure you, your plants, and lawn are all well protected. Let’s take a closer look at some of your options.

Get mulching

As the sun scorches the soil that your plants live in, you need to give it as much protection as possible. Watering can help, of course, but even a good soaking will dry up long before the damp reaches the critical roots of your plants. So, start creating some mulch and spread it over your exposed flower beds. You can use dried grass clippings, straw, seaweed - even newspaper or black plastic sheeting. And the result is that the soil beneath the mulch will be cooler, and it will act as a layer of protection to prevent completely drying out.

The early bird

Watering is essential during heat waves, of course, but it is a complete waste of time and resources if you water plants and lawns during the hottest parts of the day. Your best bet is to get up early and do it first thing in the morning instead, preferably using soaker hoses which you can place beneath the mulch to ensure that the roots of your plants are getting the hydration they need.

Make use of shade

If you have vast expanses of open space, you and your garden are going to struggle when the sun is shining full on. Try and create shaded areas instead, which you can use to cool down and relax, and that you can grow shade-suited flowers and plants. Plantain lilies, ferns, and Bergenias are all beautiful plants that don’t just survive in the shade - they thrive.

Movable furniture

Fixed furniture can be a big issue in a heat wave, especially if it offers you no protection from the sun. Not only will you be unable to sit down in comfort, but the damage the high levels of sun do to your garden furniture can take its toll, too. So, consider trying to find a hanging chair stand or something that is similarly mobile. Using gear like this, you can either sun yourself when the temperature is comfortable enough and hide away in the shade when it gets too hot.

Go for a pool

The traditional garden pool doesn’t have to be hugely expensive - and it’s the perfect retreat for a hot baking summer. Compact pools are widely available these days and can be used all-year around, with a standard heating system switched on over winter and most definitely turned off to give you a refreshing dip in the summer. Go for a full in-ground option if you want to keep the view of your garden intact, although bear in mind that the excavation work tends to make the process more expensive. Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!

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