A Bloomin' Lovely Garden

With summer on its way, us green fingered folk can already imagine our gorgeous gardens in full bloom. We’ve waited through the barren winter, but our outside space is about to burst into colour again. Of course, no garden will explode without a little work. Now is the perfect time to ensure your garden becomes the colourful haven you want. You may have existing plants that return each year. If not, get to work. Here are a few ways to ensure you have a blooming lovely garden come the summer months.

Every gardener dreams of a flourishing outside space.A well-done garden is a feast for the eyes, and we’re more than ready to gorge ourselves. But, how do you achieve the vibrant garden you can picture in your mind? Variety is the answer. Sticking with one colour or plant type will make it harder to achieve a colour explosion. Instead, look at a range of different plants, in a range of colour schemes. How you arrange these in your garden depends on your personal taste. You may want to keep each plant in a neat section with its own kind. Or, you may want to mix things up and go for a wilder feeling. Whatever you do, it can pay to mix colours throughout each section. An organised gardener may want to keep each colour separate, and there’s no denying that this can work. But, it can be harder to make a garden pop when working to such strict codes.


Your plants will not stay vibrant if you don’t get on top of a watering schedule. Instead, they will fast become tired and washed out. It’s worth watering in the morning and evenings if the weather is hot. For the most part, the dryness of the soil will show whether this is necessary. Try to water at the same time each day. You could use a hose, or install sprinklers which come on automatically and do the job for you. You’ll need to bear in mind water restrictions, too. It may be worth installing a private water supply. Visit the Nicholls website, and others like them to get an idea about whether it would work for you. The primary benefit of a private supply is that your water use can never be limited. Private supply is also an eco-friendly option, so you’ll still be doing your bit.


To keep things looking lovely, stay on top of maintenance. A mixed colour scheme can look fantastic when done right, but it can get out of control fast. You need to keep on top of what your plants are doing to ensure wildness doesn’t take over. A slightly wild look can work well, but complete wilderness in the garden is not what you’re aiming for. Make sure to trim back any straying flowers, remove weeds, and keep an eye on cross pollination. Some plants spread like wildfire, and they alone could ruin the whole image.

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