Why Spring is the Best Season for your Garden


Winter in the UK can so often be miserable, and yet it always carries within it the promise of spring. Every year, we get to luxuriate in the warmth and freshness of what must be the finest season. Summer can sometimes seem rather brash, Autumn is beautiful but in a rather melancholic way and Winter is just cold and wet. But Spring never fails to inspire wonder.
For gardeners too, it is a great time of year. They can watch as all of their hard work eventually comes to fruition (literally!). But it is not just blossoming plants that Spring grants us each year; it is generous enough to bestow the wonder of new animal life too. The bustling and yet elegant promise of Spring is just now upon us. It is a great time to enjoy nature. Here are reasons why Spring is the best time of year for your garden:

Spring stereotypically represents a new start for baby animals and daffodils, but it also represents an opportunity to look at your garden anew.You can see it in its full potential again and reevaluate what you want your garden to be. Do you want it to bloom again next year with just a few additions or should you overhaul what you have and look forward to watching something unique blossom next year? At the very least, it is a great time to tackle all of these small imperfections that snuck in over Winter. Don’t let those weeds last any longer. If you have hedges in your garden, then Spring is the time to take control of them again. Start pruning now!

It is not just weeds that you have to worry about though. Winter weather can be harsh on your garden. One of the things to do as the evenings get longer is go out and check that all of your plants are still healthy. Frost damage is real and is overlooked at your garden’s peril.
However, maybe it is not just your plants that you want to revamp as Summer approaches. Spring is the perfect time to consider whether you should indulge in some landscaping. Maybe your patio needs some attention, or you should invest in a water feature. Spring allows you to realise the opportunities that are right in your backyard.

The best thing to do when Spring comes around again is enjoy it while it lasts. If you want to indulge in Spring from your own quiet corner of these green and pleasant lands, then the comfort of your garden is the perfect place. However, if you want to enjoy it properly, you need to be comfortable. Log sheds have to be just about the perfect answer. Besides, if it was good enough for Thoreau, it should be good enough for anyone.

Finally, if you grow vegetables in your garden, it is the most exciting time of year: harvest. The long dog days of Winter are over and you can feast yourself on its spoils. Why not organise a garden party, invite your friends, and make them jealous by serving the freshest vegetables in town. Visit the top rated arts on handmade cards and helium balloons near me for latest art work click here

So, as March turns into April, and April starts to melt into summer, get out in your garden and enjoy Spring while you still can.

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