Will You Be Left Behind When Spring Has Sprung? Here’s How To Stay Ahead

At this time of year, it’s easy to concentrate on keeping yourself cosy, warm and occupied inside of the home. Because of the harsh temperatures and the even harsher weather conditions, you don’t always want to prioritise any work that needed doing outside of your house. But, a keen gardener will always get ahead of the game and start early. It’s true, there are ways that you can enjoy your garden in winter, but you can also work on getting it ready to enjoy spring as soon as it’s here.

Clear What You Can

Firstly, you should work on clearing away whatever you can. This may be a task that you set yourself at the very start of winter, which will mean that you have less to do now. But, if your garden is currently full of weeds and leaves and dying buds, it’s time to get outside and get to work. Rip away what you no longer need and clear beds ready for planting. You’ll also want to deadhead anything that will reappear in spring.

Pick Out Your Furniture

Then, when the garden is a lot clearer and tidier, you’re going to want to start doing your research for how you’re outside living space will look. If you want to enjoy your garden as soon as the warmer days arrive, you’re going to want to get this task done fast. Whether you choose comfortable sofas or wicker furniture, consider what options will work best and pick out a set to buy now.

Plan Your Design

Now that your furniture is chosen, you can think about the design of the rest of your garden. You might have gone with the same style in the previous years, but if you’ve chosen a new style of outdoor living furniture, you might want your garden to follow suit. Either way, you need to know what you’re going to plan and where you’re going to plant it. You could even think about buying bulbs and keeping some plants indoors if you want to get them all into the ground as soon as the frosts are finished.

Create A Cooking Area

Then, you’re going to want to complete the rest of your living space. Choosing the furniture isn’t enough. If you plan to spend a lot of time outside during spring and summer, it’s likely that you’ll be dining al fresco on many occasions. So, you need to work out what cooking equipment you’ll need, including any grills, as well as additional seating, drinking areas or preparation stations.

Decorate Away

At this point, you might feel as if your outdoor living space is really taking space. But, it’s likely to be missing a few things. To ensure that the space feels comfortable and complete, you’re going to want to accessorise in any way that you can. Firstly, you might want to add in some lighting, or at least purchase it ready, for when the nights draw in and you’re still outside. It can also be an idea to stock up on blankets and throws to decorate the area, as well as heaters for when the weather drops.

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