How to give your garden a tropical twist

If you’re a lover of orchids like we are, then you’ll already be a fan of the tropical plant life and species that are so evocative. So, why not turn your own garden into a tiny tropical paradise? With the right elements added, any space can be turned into a calming area for reflection and relaxation.

Cymbidium Doris Dawson 'Scotch Mist'
Build colourful textures
The right use of trees in your garden is essential to creating the tropical look you want. While you might want the privacy of a rainforest, putting too many overbearing trees into one area can make the space feel too cluttered and claustrophobic. A great way of getting the variety of textures that you want, is to use short trees planted in the shade of larger trees. 

The Japanese Mapel tree is ideal for this kind of planting, as they’re known for their shorter sizes. Consider using either a horizontal or cascading maple in the shade of a darker evergreen. This can create a truly stunning effect as the seasons change, given that they’re recognised for being at their best during the autumn. You can pick up many types of Japanese Maple tree from

Add a water feature
If it’s tropical you want, then no space would be complete without a plentiful supply of water. This will depend largely on the style you’re going for. If you prefer everything pruned to perfection, then a pond or rockery water feature will be the ideal addition. Plus, they promote the growth of local wildlife, helping to add that natural touch to your garden.

If you want more of a rainforest-chic look in a larger space, you might think about a waterfall idea to one side of your garden and a large pool of water. Adding a small wooden bridge would add another texture and dimension too, while your Japanese Maples will feel right at home in a cooler environment next to water.

Create a relaxation space
The whole point of creating this tropical paradise is to give you an escape from the stresses of modern day life, so making room for your own meditation is crucial. No matter how big an area you’re dealing with, try to create your own hidden space between the trees. If you’d like plush furniture for a luxurious feel, go for wicker and other wooden options so that it blends into the environment, as though it’s sprung up from the earth! 

If you’re not too particular on it being discrete, have the area in an open space with an outdoor wood-burning stove or heater. That way, you’ll be able sit outside to relax regardless of the time of year. If you'd like some more ideas on how you can create the perfect garden retreat, click here.

I hope you found these tips on giving your outdoor space that tropical twist helpful. If you’re creating your own outside relaxation area, leave us a comment and tell us about your experience.

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