Three Solar LED Light Solutions For The Perfect Evening Garden

Creating that perfect, beautiful garden setting (dare we say it) involves so much more than a complete range of beautiful plants. Your garden is your safe haven, and at night can become a beautiful addition to your home.

We love pottering in our garden during the day and enjoy sharing the fruits of our labour with others when entertaining in the evening. With this in mind, the folks at BrightLightz have created a great little list with the top 3 outdoor lighting options that any home owner can implement quickly and on a budget, without ever skimping on style.

Solar fairy Garden Lights
Any garden, large or small can benefit from a range of solar fairy garden lights adding gorgeous illumination on their plants, pathways and garden features. Once installed, solar fairy garden lights can turn your garden into a wonderland and best of all; they cost absolutely nothing to run. Reliable, sturdy, weather resistant and good looking, these lights can add a gorgeous glow to your surroundings and outdoor entertainment areas for 8-10 hours after a full charge. Just leave them up year round and let them do their thing.

Solar powered LED Fence lights

Solar powered fence/stair lights are quite simply a must have if you’re proud of your plants. Featuring two super bright LED’s encased in a waterproof sealed unit, these are great LED options that will bathe your chosen area of the garden in a lush white hue, adding a feature point to your favourite patch of garden instantly. These cool lights also act as a safety feature for stairs, meaning less chance of tripping up at night. They’re easily attached and removed, and have absolutely no wires or cables attached meaning your garden will still look neat and tidy.

LED decking lights
Placing decking lights in your garden can be one of the most heartbreaking experiences ever. Digging up grass and unsettling the perfect garden bed just to place wires underground that we may have to dig up again because they’ve decided to break on us, is a laborious and quite frankly redundant experience. Yuk. Luckily some bright spark went and invented a range of solar powered LED decking lights that can be placed instantly without the need for wires and cables. Simply cut a hole in the decking area you need and place these lights inside, for a bright, all night glow. Fortunately, this set at BrightLightz is made with stainless steel meaning they’ll never rust and the waterproof sealed casing means condensation on the inside is never a problem. After a full charge, these puppies will glow for around 8-10 hours. Perfect for those with pebble paths too.

So whether you want to turn your garden into the ultimate entertaining area or just want to appreciate your work in the moonlight as well as the day, solar LED garden lights are the most cost effective option. And they look great too!

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