How to Care for Nobile dendrobiums

MONDAY, 11 JUNE 2012

Dendrobium nobile

Dendrobium nobile
Nobile dendrobiums are a good orchid that can are happy to grow and flower in the greenhouse or in the home. The do have rather particular needs that need to be met to get the most from them. When the cultural needs are met then you can get an abundance of beautifully fragrant flowers typically in the spring months.

Nobile dendrobiums do well if given some time out doors - once any risk of frost has past, typically just for the summer months i.e. June to September. They are not keen on direct light so should be given some partial shade for best results. If grown in doors indirect light rather than a windowsill is best.

Like many other orchids Nobile dendrobiums perform best when root bound so dont over pot but keep moist in the growing season and water less at other times of the year.

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