Winter Gardening & Your Orchids

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With the colds of winter just a couple of months away (and even closer depending on where you might live), gardening enthusiasts are working on their last opportunities for autumn planting. Indeed, there are actually plenty of nice flowers and vegetables you can plant in autumn to be ready to sprout and flower when the spring season comes along.

Autumn and winter gardening is in many cases not quite as pleasant as spring and summer time outside. Generally, a few extra preparations and accessories are needed. Things like:

  • New Gloves - Some experienced gardeners prefer to work without gloves when possible, but during the cooler seasons gloves become absolutely necessary. Cold and numb fingers just can't get the job done!

  • New Contacts - Spending more time than usual outside when it's cold can result in unforeseen eye irritation, dryness, etc. It's always worth a look at Acuvue for information on dealing with these kinds of conditions through new lenses.

  • Portable Heaters - Finally, if you're really intend on spending time out in the garden past when it gets cold, a portable, battery charged heater can be a great accessory.

But even if you take these steps and consider options like these for comfortable outdoor gardening, there are some plants that simply can't handle the winter seasons, and orchids are among those plants. According to Orchid Plant Care online, orchids require temperatures between 12 degrees and 27 degrees celsius to thrive, and in most places winter dips below this range, often for weeks or months at a time. So how can you help your outdoor orchids to survive? Well, that's simple: bring them inside! Here are a few quick tips on indoor orchid care during the winter.
  • Balance Light & Temperature - Orchids ideally require roughly 12 or more hours of natural sunlight every day, and this can be tough to manage indoors. Not to mention, keeping orchids too close to windows during the winter may keep their temperatures cool. There are two solutions to this problem: one is to simply keep orchids in the centre of the most well-lit room in your home and see how they do. The other is to look into purchasing an artificial light source for your indoor plants.

  • Water By Touch - Caring for a plant indoors, during the winter, is different than outside when it's warm out, so don't rely on a watering cycle or schedule. Instead, simply keep a close eye on your orchids, and water accordingly when the soil in the plant begins to feel noticeably dry.

  • Move The Air - Circulation is important for all living things, including your winter orchids. A fan (ideally a ceiling fan) or two, even on low speeds, can do a great deal to keep air circulating and fresh, which in turn will help your orchids stay healthy.
So there you have it! It's a bit more effort, but with proper care your orchids can thrive inside all winter long!

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