Garden Furniture Sale

Garden furniture has come on some way from the common garden bench and many luxury items are now for sale that wouldn’t look out of place adorning the poshest of outdoor areas.
With the advent of garden make-over shows and the myriad of lifestyle magazines on offer, the garden is fast becoming viewed as an extension of the home and another ‘room’ to furnish.

Whatever the size of the homeowner’s budget, it is rare that a garden is devoid of somewhere to sit and eat your charred sausages from another impromptu barbecue.

The quintessential table and chairs come in a variety of sizes, materials, quality and of course – price. But with frequent sales at garden centres and the like, the consumer can pick up a bargain or two along the way.
Perhaps one of the more unusual items becoming popular with garden lovers is the swinging chair which can be secured from a tree or purpose made suspension to offer a quiet and soothing retreat. This is a modern and somewhat safer means of relaxing than the hammock which caused hilarity (and injury!) throughout its heyday in the 80’s.

Many more affluent households are now constructing outdoor rooms which afford the occupant’s belongings complete shelter from the elements when not in use. This has given rise to a whole new brand of garden furniture complete with soft furnishings.

Chimineas are a popular way of staying warm after sun set and offer a more attractive heating solution than the standard and cumbersome patio heater. For those without the worry of children, fire pits are a great way to keep the chill off an evening and many garden furniture arrangements now point towards a source of heat like this.

So whilst Granddads of the past make do with an old wooden bench when supping their well-earned cuppa in between tending to their vegetable patch, the modern day garden dweller has a choice of luxury solutions in the Gardens and Homes Direct Garden Furniture range.

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