Bringing the British beauty inside your home

All too often, many of the natural treasures that Britain has to offer are overlooked. The country’s temperate climate means that there is an abundance of natural elements available to decorate and bring a sense of calm into any home.

A fresh look for the interior

Many individuals find the natural world incredibly relaxing when compared to the one they normally inhabit, and they try to find ways to merge the two. Fresh flowers can instantly make a room seem alive and brighten up otherwise boring pieces of furniture. Place a large vase or bowl of flowers in the centre of a dining table for an immediate eye-catching centrepiece.

Fresh flowers should not be reserved solely for the reception rooms in a house. They can improve mood and help foster creativity, so place them liberally around the home. Cut flowers and houseplants can improve the atmosphere near computers and other hi-tech equipment, so why not place a good-sized plant next to the PC?

Eye-catching flower decorations do not always call for big bouquets or statement blooms. A well-placed bud vase with a single flower can have a subtle, yet powerful impact.

Houseplants generally require at least some maintenance, so fake flowers can work well as an alternative. Good quality silk flowers can look just as good as the real thing and require no looking after. The outdoor theme can be extended to include pots and planters; choose ones that look natural, such as wood or bamboo.

Go to almost any supermarket today and there is sure to be an assortment of potted orchids for sale. These long stemmed plants make a great modern-looking statement and will add elegance to any room. Orchids require humid conditions, so they thrive in the bathroom and kitchen. With so many colours and variations to choose from, make an orchid a standout attraction by matching it to the room’s d├ęcor. Thanks to their light weight, orchids do not have to be kept in pots on tables; instead, they can also be placed in large wall candlesticks. Some varieties are even small enough to be grown in teacups. Fortunately orchids do not require much maintenance. In fact the only real drawback is that they only flower once a year.

Other bits from nature

It is not just flowers and plants that can improve the living space. Other items from nature can have a significant effect on a room. For example, dried twigs or small logs with interestingly shaped roots can make pleasing ornaments, perfect for ‘naturalising’ pieces of modern furniture.

They may not to be to everyone’s taste, but taxidermy is currently a booming hobby and mounted antlers are making appearances, not just in vintage rooms, but in modern ones too.

Going to the seaside? Look out for shells that can act as ornaments or scallop and oyster shells that will not only look good, but also make handy bowls to put keys or mints in.

Stones also make an interesting display and oversize cut agates work particularly well alongside twigs and branches.

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