Automatic misting

We are all well aware that to get the best out of your orchids you need to provide the correct light, heat, ventilation and humidity. One of the best ways to control the last element is by the use of an automatic  misting system, which can be used to enhance the ventilation and shading, which can help to avoid greenhouse overheating disasters. For ideal growing conditions to ensure that your orchids will thrive, you really need a a dedicated and automatic solution. Greenhouse misting systems use evaporative cooling to cool your plants naturally. The science is easy: heat is actually used or consumed in the process of evaporation. In greenhouse misting systems, water is pressurized and sprayed through tiny nozzles, creating a micro-fine mist. This mist evaporates in the air, and up to 35 degrees of cooling is the result.

Provide needed moisture when temperatures rise
Ideal humidity levels for most growing environments are from between 50-70%. However for some species you may even need to get up towards 90-100% humidity. In the warm weather months, the heat sucks away the humidity your orchids so desperately need and they will begin to wilt. Unhealthy and poorly performing orchids are the result. Use greenhouse misting systems to maintain ideal humidity, while also providing needed cooling. Use a humidistat control to automatically provide greenhouse humidification when humidity levels drop.

Create the ideal climate for your plants...automatically! 
Use simple thermostats and controllers to automate your climate control system. Greenhouse misting systems should be activated as the heat rises and humidity falls. You can easily control both factors automatically, and as they say¡¦set it and forget it! Optimal climates should never again be an issue.

Using a Claber timer (such as the one illustrated from you can ensure that you provide a set amount of water and misting at a set times of the day.

Grow plants that thrive! 
If you are able to maintain the optimal levels of temperature and humidity at all times for your orchids, the you can create an environment where they will grow and bloom perfectly. Combine cooling systems with proper ventilation and air circulation, and climate issues should never be a factor again. Now combine the ideal climate with correct medium and and nutrients and you should now be able to vastly improve your success in growing orchids..
Dendrobium rhabdoglossum

What about misting fans? 
These are an excellent alternative to greenhouse misting systems for creating an ideal growing environment. For ideal climates, you do need air circulation. Greenhouse misting fans combine the power of mist cooling with the air circulation of fans¡¦all in one little package. Choose from various sizes of "hang and use" fans. They are also controllable by internal humidistats and thermostats, so they can be the right solution if you desire different climates in different areas of the greenhouse. Greenhouse misting systems are an ideal solution.

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