Orchids For Your Home During Spring

The spring season is finally upon us, and for many flower and plant enthusiasts, that means it's time to get back out in the garden. Because many beautiful plants grow and bloom in the warmer and sunnier conditions that spring weather brings on, this is a time for planting and caring for new plants. In preparation, many gardeners will be heading to MySmartBuy for new gardening equipment, or browsing through garden supply sites in search of new seedlings. However, in addition to this popular focus on outdoor gardening, many people also take the spring as an appropriate opportunity to bring a few nice flowers into the home.

Cymbidium Highland Surprise 'Lewes'
For this task, it is difficult to find a more attractive or pleasing option than an orchid. Popular all over the world for their simplicity, grace and beauty, orchids come in different shapes, sizes and colours, and though some grow better in spring than others, all can be grown inside to keep your home from lagging behind your garden when spring hits. Keeping that in mind, here is a brief guide to four popular types of orchids and the conditions that can help them to grow effectively.

    Dendrobium Spring Dream 'Apollon'
  • Phalaenopsis Orchids - Generally flowering best in early spring, Phalaenopsis Orchids are the most popular sort of orchids for interior environments. Simply put, the flowers stay open and healthy for a very long time, are very beautiful and elegant, and are extremely low maintenance. Ordinary light, a typical home temperature, and regular but not excessive watering should do the trick.

  • Dendrobium Orchids - With more elongated flowers that generally appear either in white or purple hues, Dendrobium Orchids are perhaps even more low maintenance than Phalaenopsis Orchids. Dendrobiums bloom best in winter, but can be maintained in a home interior environment and therefore stay healthy weeks into the spring season.

  • Paphiopedilum Orchids - Perhaps the most unique among orchids, Paphiopedilum Orchids bloom into green and white stems and petals, and also have curious-looking pouches as lower petals. These orchids require room temperature and bright light, and can make for attractive and unique spring flowers for your home.

  • Cattleya Orchids - Beautiful and delicate, Cattleya Orchids can bloom in spring and fall, and make for beautiful, bright options. However, they require a great deal of light (preferably significantly more than any other orchid) to thrive, so placement is critical if you plan on growing such flowers in your home.

Cymbidium Devon Lord 'Viceroy'
When it comes to spring gardening and flowers, there are virtually limitless options available. However, if you are also looking to bring a few interesting flowers into your home (in addition to planting them outside in your garden), options become more limited. Orchids can be wonderful and simple options for livening up your interior as the weather warms.

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