Orchids and Interior Design

There is no doubt that orchids are among the most intriguing and beautiful flowers in the world.  They can add an elegant touch to any room, and have become very popular with interior designers who wish to add a stylish finish to a design.  They are available in a variety of colours and sizes, so finding one to suit a particular room or design theme should be easy.  The homeowner can choose cut flowers or an orchid plant.  The advantage with a plant is that it will last for a long time if properly cared for, whereas cut flowers do have a limited life.

Why orchids?

The flowers on an orchid plant last for different lengths of time depending on the particular species, but generally orchids have a long blooming period.  This can range from one to three or four months, so the overall effect can be enjoyed for a while, which makes them different to many other indoor plants.  In addition, despite the fact they look very delicate, they are actually quite resilient.  Properly cared for, an orchid plant will last for a number of years.  They do not require constant watering so are actually much easier to care for than most people might think. 

Choosing the right orchid

When choosing an orchid for a particular room, it is important to obtain one that is in good condition.  Someone with green fingers might be able to revive an ailing plant, but as not everyone has this skill, it makes sense to find the healthiest plant possible.  Getting a good quality plant means checking it for spots on the leaves or flowers.  Brown spots or discolouring on the leaves can indicate bacterial or fungal infections.

Think carefully about the location in the room where the orchid is to be placed.  A steady temperature – not too hot and not too cold – is needed.  Any area where there may be a draught should be avoided, as orchids will not thrive here.  Attention should also be paid to lighting in the area.  Some species of orchid are able to resist strong light, but others will struggle.      

Planning the design

Think carefully about the overall effect created by the finished room.  The flower that is chosen will need to complement the decor.  For example, if the walls are to be white then putting a white flower into the room will help to convey a minimalist style.  However, if a warm touch is sought then a colourful flower should be introduced.  Orchids are also a great choice for a room or space where relaxation is a key theme.

An elegant looking plant is the perfect accompaniment to high quality furniture and soft furnishings.  The orchid can be used as the centrepiece on a table, or as a feature in a corner of the room.  Making sure it can be clearly seen is important, and the orchid motif can be repeated in features such as cushions and curtains.  Creating a feature wall is a popular choice these days, and to round off the room design it is possible to get eye-catching wallpaper that carries an orchid pattern.   


  1. Hi Gaz, you already sound like an orchid specialist, hehe! But that is right, orchids alone or in combination always give elegant appeal. Hotels and special occasions always do that. I am amazed that Phalaenopsis perform well in your temperatures, being a tropical plant. It is easier here for them as they don't have to be treated so special to grow!

  2. Phalaenopsis seem to be very adaptable, and are one of the most common orchids in shops here sold especially as house plants where they can flower for long periods of time in less than ideal situations. From small garden centres to large supermarkets and DIY centres you can get these for fairly modest amounts of money. Many of them come from Holland where they breed new varieties and mass produce them for the European markets. The more unusual forms are not as easy to find, but specialist growers have many of the same ones you will be able to get but often they need specialist environments.