Miltonia 'Oscar Kirsch'

Miltonia 'Oscar Kirsch'
Miltonia 'Oscar Kirsch'
A lovely Miltonia hybrid named after the famed grower Oscar Kirsch from Hawaii.

Orchids At RHS Wisley

We are fortunate to not live too far from RHS Wisley and a couple of weeks ago had a lovely trip to visit the gardens and glass houses. (See Alternative Eden for an over view).

In the main glass house there are numerous orchids in the tropical section as well as an area dedicated purely to orchids. These are some of the highlights from our day.
Prosthechea cochleata
Miltoniopsis 'red tide'
Zygoneria 'Adelaide Meadows' x Zygoneria 'Greenways'
x Burrageara Living Fire
Phal. bellina
Encyclia prismatocarpa var lonoglossa

Pap. supersuk

Phal 'Burning Sands - Ablaze'
The timing of this post is perfect for Tootsies fertilizer Friday - for more wonderful flowers see Tootsies Blog, not only that but its almost time for Garden Bloggers Bloom day, see here for more.


Restrepia aristulifera

 Restrepia aristulifera is a species of orchid endemic to Colombia and Venezuela. It grows in cloud forests at elevations of 1800 to 2800 meters as an epiphyte.