The Benefits of Greenhouse Growing

A greenhouse is a great addition to any garden. Owning a greenhouse provides you with a wide range of benefits. You can experiment with a selection of plants and fully enjoy your gardening hobby. There are many types of greenhouses available, from large, impressive glasshouses to smaller lean to designs.   

Here are the main benefits of greenhouse growing: 
  • Extended growing season. Owning a greenhouse enables you to extend the growing season. A greenhouse provides plenty of protection for your plants, so you do not have to worry about the weather conditions. You can grow seasonal plants throughout the year.  

  • Better temperature and humidity control. Whilst you cannot change the weather conditions outdoors, you can add extra lighting, heating and ventilation to a greenhouse to make the conditions within it suitable for your plants. In summer, you can add vents to prevent your greenhouse from becoming overheated and in winter, you can add heaters to protect your plants from frost.  This control is essential when growing orchids, especially the tropical and rainforest species.

  • Plenty of protection for your plants. A greenhouse offers a sheltered area for your plants, protecting them from weather conditions such as heavy rain, winds and snow. A greenhouse is also idea for busy gardens, as the structure will help to prevent plants from being damaged by children or pets.  

  • Plenty of variety. Owning a greenhouse enables you to grow whatever type of plant you desire. As you have the ability to control temperatures and humidity levels within your greenhouse, you can consider growing plants that are not normally found in your area. You can provide suitable growing conditions for unique and beautiful exotic plants.  

  • Healthy, free food. One of the main benefits of owning a greenhouse is that you can grow your own fruit and vegetables organically. Organic fruit and vegetables are much healthier and tastier than supermarket varieties and can be used in a selection of home-cooked dishes. You can be provided with free food all year round and cut down on how much you spend at the supermarket. Greenhouses are also ideal for growing herbs and salad crops, so you can add more flavour to your dishes and create fresh summer salads.  

  • More protection from pests. A greenhouse helps to keep out garden pests, as they are unable to access your plants when windows and doors are kept closed. However, there is still a risk of pests and plant diseases in warmer temperatures, so you will need to make sure your greenhouse is well-ventilated and keep an eye out for any signs of damage to your plants.  

  • Enhances your gardening hobby. Adding a greenhouse to your garden really helps to you to fully enjoy your hobby. A greenhouse not only provides many benefits for your plants but also for you, as you can escape there whenever you wish. Some types of greenhouse, such as the glasshouse, can even include a living area where you can sit and relax and enjoy views of your garden.  

  • Attractive garden feature. A greenhouse not only provides a place for you to grow a selection of plants but also an attractive structure for your garden. Greenhouses are available in a wide range of designs, so you can easily select something that will compliment your garden perfectly.  


  1. gardening relaxes me a lot. Also, it is real fun to watch the veggies grow

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  3. Hi Jean, yes a greenhouse can offer many advantages, not just for Orchids but other crops.

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