Phalaenopsis Sin-Yuan Golden Beauty

This stunning yellow phalaenopsis hybrid invokes the lovely warm colours of autumn. This orchid is strictly known as Doritaenopsis Sin-Yuan Golden Beauty, Doritaenopsis being the correct name for a cross between Phalaenopsis and Doritis.

Generally speaking, Doritaenopsis are well known for their rich yellow, rose and magenta colours. These hybrids often have slightly smaller flowers than typical Phalaenopsis.

Phalaenopsis Sin-Yuan Golden Beauty prefers low to medium light levels, avoiding direct sunlight, however more mature plants can tolerate higher light levels. Doritaenopsis can burn easily, so do take more care with them. These orchids do need a a good amount of indirect sunlight in order to get them to flower. They can easily take upto 10 to 12 hours of indirect light each day.

They prefer warm environments with temperature ranges from 18C to 30C being ideal (65F to 85F). Doritaenopsis will cope with a short period of colder or hotter temperatures. However longer exposure to extremes of temperatures will cause problems.

As is typical with Phalaenopsis this orchid generally need only a little water occasionally. Phalaenopsis Sin-Yuan Golden Beauty will suffer from root rot if it is over watered.

Flowers are approximately 3. 5 inches across and this variety generally blooms autumn to winter.

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