Phalaenopsis 'Las Palmas'

Phalaenopsis 'Las Palmas'

Beautiful veining on Phalaenopsis 'Las Palmas'. These two photos were taken at the Tropical Extravaganza held at Kew Gardens earlier this year. The Extravaganza is held every year.

Generally Phalaenopsis prefer a temperature range of between 20°C and 22°C. The minimum temperature for the plant is 16°C. Making this an ideal house plant. In the wild Phalaenopsis species typically grow in shady locations. Therefore at home you will need to place this orchid in such a position that it will get enough light, but avoid too much bright sunlight. It is particularly advisable not to place the plant in direct sunlight between April and September. Phalaenopsis can also be particularly sensitive to draughts and so you should avoid placing this orchid next to a radiator.

Phalaenopsis orchids usually have a long lifespan and if you want to get the plant to flower for a second time, you should prune a branch which has finished flowering above the second bud (from the base). You can prune the flower spike above the second bud on two occassions, after that it is advisable to prune the branch as low as possible, to give the plant a break from flowering. After pruning the branch you should place the orchid in a cooler position. This will stimulate the formation of the new flower branch. After approximately two months you should start to see a new flower spike emerging and so you can return your plant back to its previous home.


  1. This moth orchid is gorgeous. The tips are great.

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    1. Agreed, its a real head turner :)