31 May - Miltonia 'Red Jewel'

Miltonia 'Red Jewel'
We spotted Miltonia 'Red Jewel' at Kew Gardens Tropical Extravaganza back in February. I really love the patten, which reminded me of a tie dyed t-shirt!

Miltonia orchids (Miltoniopsis) typically have large fairly brightly colored, and occasionally fragrant flowers that can resemble pansies. Hence they are sometimes called pansy orchids. The Miltonia orchids usually flower from two or three years old and as they age they become much more floriferous, flowering from spring to mid-summer. The flower branches emerge from the orchid's narrow pseudobulbs. Each Orchid can produce as many as 20 flowers. The natural habitat for Miltoniopsis is a cool highland locations and as such the plants prefer to be kept moist. The temperature range for them should be kept at 10C (nightime) to 27C.

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